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Our artist roster

Asier Badiola
Bowel Stew (Omar)
Brutal Sphincter (Germain)
By Brute Force (Schenk)
Clitorape (Clit Eastwood & Pedophil Anselmo)
Cumbeast (Iirot)
Dead Alone (Florian)
Deathtopia (Mune)
Erectile Dysfunction (Charles)
Grindmaster Flash
Guineapig (Alessio & Fra)
Gutalax (Kojas)
Haemorrhage (Ana, Luisma & Ramon)
Immortal Suffering (Leo)
Inhume (Ben Janssen)
Insision (Roger)
Kaos Vortex (Abtin Divani)
Motorsägenservice (Auke, Katze & Mike)
My Cold Embrace (Marco)
Peter Grusel und die Unheimlichen (Regi, Mike & Daniel)
Pi (369)
Pighead (Denny)
Purgamentum (R.I.P.) (Paste)
Putrid Pile (Shaun)
Razorrape (David)
Rompeprop (R.I.P.) (Bonebag Rob & Dirty Dr. Dente)
RxMx (Stefan)
Spasm (Sam)
Stillbirth (Pumpa & Swizzy)
The Day Everything Became Nothing (Dave & Dean)
Torturized (Siggi & Peter)
Ultimo Mondo Cannibale (Fra)
UxLxCxM (Seb)