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In search of an aggressive design that pleases a broad group of guitar players, Stefan Schäfer tweaked the almost traditional yet modern V-shape ever so slightly to create the Deamon model. The first of this kind was manufactured in 2010 and turned out to be super popular among fans and artists. The Deamon and its custom derivatives are our most liked guitars to this day, the aggressive look is the real deal for any hard and fast picking guitarist. Access to the highest frets is outstanding no matter how many strings you choose to play and its long upper horn balances the instrument very well when you're standing on stage.


The Mozwo model was first designed in 2012 to add a less aggressive, but not conservative look to our catalogue. We envisioned this to be compatible with styles ranging from Classic Rock to Modern Progressive to Thrash Metal, and the Mozwo will do well for any stylistically versatile player.


The Reaper might be Stefan Schäfers most unique take on instruments for heavy extreme music. Based on a traditional double cutaway design Stefan managed to make the Reaper unmistakably original with a few tweaks. The shape provides guaranteed balance even with huge scales and string numbers while the look seems to perfectly fit lowest tunings, as every chord and every open B string will sound extra evil coming from this monster shape!


A few tweaks to a traditional double cutaway guitar was all it took to create the Strider. Its long, pointy horns provide both good balance and fretboard accessibility, no matter if you're recording in a lounge chair or tearing down the stage!


Ever since 666strings started building instruments we have listened closely to our customers. From tiny little tweaks to our own design to full on custom shapes there is not a single wish we have not fulfilled in all those years and the instruments that were spawned in those processes are nothing short of stunning!