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My Cold Embrace

In 1998 My Cold Embrace, also know as the 'Death Metal Legion Cassel' started their mix of old school swedish Melodic Death, Thrash, Crust and Hardcore. Ever since their first demo "Raggabash" the band has recieved a lot of praise from the underground, where the band feels choses to remain, staying 100% independent and D.I.Y to this day!.

"Katharsis" was released in 2004. Mastered at Blacklounge Studios by Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry), who worked as a producer for Katatonia, Uncurbed and Centinex before, the brute Death'n'Crust hybrid raised the bar a little further and led to a vinyl split with Crust legends Uncurbed.

The perhaps most difficult time in the bands history came when guitarist Timo and vocalist Ernie left, but the vacant jobs were given to Marco and Den who proved to be more than adequate replacements, and the band went on to work on the songs for "Hausgeist" (download for free here). 2009 finally saw a long lasting idea come to life - the release of a Split EP with german progressive deathers Rapture. The result was called "Schnittmenge" and featured brand new tracks as well as remixes of older ones and presents both bands as driving forces in the german Death Metal scene and proves that the underground bands - contrary to all "band battles" and "pay-to-play" do not work against each other but together.

2013 saw the EP "Earth Exhausted" come to life, displaying a band that has grown musically and lyrically - four songs that left listeners waiting for more. Five years later, in April 2018, the latest full length "Blank Planet" is finally finished!

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