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Spasm started in early 2000 with the first line-up consisting of Sam (bass), Lukáš (drums) and Máňa (vocals). In 2004 they recorded a promo CD, which eventually resulted in the debut album “Lust For Feculent Orgasm” (Copremesis) in May 2005. Vocalist Máňa left the band and Radim took over and the band started playing in several festivals and other gigs, Obscene extreme 2006 being the most important performance at that point.

In the following three years Spasm played dozens of shows all over Europe and participated in several compilations and we were hardly working on another Album. At the beginning of 2008 Spasm entered the studio to record new material for the second full length “Paraphilic Elegies“ (Rotten Roll Rex). Another period of many many gigs and festivals throughout Europe (Ukraine, Portugal, The Netherlands) followed. In summer 2011 Spasm released the third full lenght album "Taboo Tales" and shot an official video, which was reached an amazing 4th place in Czech music survey Břitva in "Video of the year".

In 2012 the first real European tour with Gutalax went off and the ten gigs in ten days were a huge success, as well as appearances on great summer festivals like Obscene Extreme or Extreme Fest in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Gigs in the Netherlands, Poland or Switzerland and tours in Russia and Mexico followed in the next months.

"Pussy​(​De​)​Luxe", the latest album, was released in 2015 and Spasm and Gutalax joined forces to release a Split in 2017.

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