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Founded in 1999, Stillbirth play a mix of Death Metal, Grindcore and Slam. In 2002 Stillbirth released their first album “Happy Stillbirth Party”, but the following years were mostly troubled with lineup changes. Stillbirth came back stronger and participated on the splits „Supreme Brutal Legions 3“ and „Soldiers of Death“, and finally finished the second album “Plakative Agressionen” in 2009 (Rotten Roll Rex). For the following two years the band spent time playing as many gigs as possible until “Endgame is Near” (Deafground Records) was released in 2011, which they got promote overseas on several US dates. Coming up with a new line up in 2015, Stillbirth released “Global Error” (Rising Nemesis Records & Deafground Records), again touring the US and Europe extensively.

In Summer 2018 their fifth album "Annihilation of Mankind" (Unique Leader Records) will arrive!