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Festival season is on!

Here's all you need to know for summer! Get the stink out of your sleeping bags, grab as many beers as you can and join our artists and friends on the following festivals this year!

April 21: Krawall im All (West Germany, near Cologne) with Goreputation
May 17: Nice to eat you Deathfest (North Czech Republic, near Dresden) with Pighead, Stillbirth & UxLxCxM
May 18: Holsteiner Death Fest (North Germany, near Hamburg) with Razorrape
May 25: Rock The Hell (Switzerland, near Zurich) with Cumbeast
May 31: Genital Festival (South Germany, near Bayreuth) with Gutalax & Stillbirth
June 1: Grabbenacht Festival (South Germany, near Mannheim) with Stillbirth & Pighead
June 22: Protzen Open Air (East Germany, near Berlin) with Inhume
June 29: XXXICKEN Party (Portugal) with Spasm
June 30: Voll aufs Mett (Aachen, West Germany) with Goreputation
July 12: In Flammen Open Air (East Germany, near Leipzig) with Spasm
July 18: Obscene Extreme Festival with Gutalax, Haemorrhage & Cock And Ball Torture
July 20: Chaostraum Open Air (Germany, near Siegen) with My Cold Embrace
August 15: Summer Breeze Open Air with Stillbirth
August 23: Death Feast Open Air (West Germany, near Cologne) with Gutalax, Guineapig & Brutal Sphincter
August 23: Kaltenbach Open Air (Austria, near Vienna) with Inhume
August 31: Torture the masses fest (Leipzig, East Germany) with Pighead & UxLxCxM
September 20: NRW Deathfest (West Germany, near Cologne) with Deathtopia & Stillbirth
October 20: Unleash the Kraken Festival with Torturized
November 17: Grindfeast XL V (Arnhem, Netherlands) with Goreputation

And there's probably loads more... if you think we forgot something on our list, you know who to call!