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Website relaunch 2018

Here it is - our new website is ready to roll and better than ever! 666strings is growing older and the instruments we've manufactured in all those years are starting to pile up, so there are a few conceptual changes we had to make.

The artist section is growing too, so with heavy heart we cut down the number of bands displayed in the menu. We're trying to keep track of all your bands, displaying them here and of course posting the news we get from you on facebook.

Endorser instruments can now directly be found on the artist pages. For examle, check the Torturized page. Instruments that are not related to an artist page can be found in the archive.

The Guitar and Bass model pages are supposed to display instruments that are available for sale, but whenever no instrument of a certain model is avaliable, there's probably an older instrument on display.

Last, we're trying to get high quality pictures of as many older instruments as possible since we're constantly trying to improve our photography, but it might take some time.

Until then: there should be lots of new content to discover since the last time you were here. Have fun looking around!